Widen The Gap February 24 2017, 0 Comments

As per Indian superstitions and predictions a baby born with a gap-tooth is lucky and is said to acquire much wealth in the future.

If such is true, my very “lucky” male model at the top should be sitting on a gold mine.  In fact, he should have some of the gaps filled with gold in order to “narrow the gaps.”  Yup, a lot of bling will be needed to fill those gaping holes!!

The Western world has an obsession with perfection…the perfectly sculpted body, the perfectly coiffed hair, the perfectly done nails and the perfectly shiny, sparkly 32 teeth with no gaps!!

The idea of perfection goes back to the Utopian perception of an uber being with supreme intellect and no flaws in the physicality.  If you see ancient sculptures, you will note the perfection in the teeth rising straight from the roots.

So, with our pre-conceived notions for the “perfect body,” a gap-toothed modernchild is carted to the dentist at the earliest possible age such that the little one’s teeth are bonded, braced, veneered, bleached and made to look like all the other perfect little set of teeth in his classroom.  The child’s first step in a million towards the wretched road to conformity!!

However, in fashion there is a dichotomy. Perfection is sought, but at the same time uniqueness or non-conformity is valued as well.  And how is one unique?  Well, a little detour from perfection;a little departure from what is considered the “traditional form” of a perfect face or body; a little flaw; a little deviation from the wretched conformity is unique.  A GAP-TOOTHED model is UNIQUE!

In modern times, in my opinion, Lindsey Wixson has a look that is beyond unique.  It is a “signature” look.  No surprise that she is walking the ramps of the biggest fashion houses.  She will be remembered for her look in times to come.


What about Lauren Hutton or Bridgette Bardot? Their signature look was the gap-teeth and in fact to some extent has become their legacy.  Imagineif Lauren Hutton’s motherhad her teeth bonded at an early age.  Do you think she would have the inimitable look remembered for decades by all; do you think she would be still modeling well into her 60s….I think not.

Since, one of the key components of fashion is commercialism in addition to creativity; the whole gap-teethed model phenomenon is being fully exploited.  The top models these days, in addition to Lindsey Wixson have gap-teeth including Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger and Vanessa Paradis.  The fashion magazines are discussing gap-teeth and the bloggers are furtively typing their opinions on the widening gap.  I think the gap-tooth model is appealing to the viewer as it portrays a child-like innocence.  The viewer can identify with the not so “perfect” look.  It is uncommon.  It is novel.

Yes, you can call it a fad, passing fashion frenzy, the “it” look for the season, but bear in mind that it pays to be unique.  A perfect example is our top gap-teethed models who are blinging their way to the bank.  Is it their good luck as per Indian superstitions or is it that they dared to non-conform?  I think uniqueness always pays off.  If not in dollars and cents then in retaining your true individuality, which is worth more than any bling.

So, don’t “bridge the gap” and wait for the luck to kick in!!