Bottega Veneta-Viaggio Notturno April 27 2017, 0 Comments

New York City, sky scrapers, luxe hotel rooms, peep holes, high-end orchid plants and beautiful people waiting with baited breath in anticipatory isolation.

The Bottega Veneta film called “Viaggio Notturno” or night journey is a stark film noir depicting all of the above and more.  The “more” being the signature Bottega Veneta woven leather satchels, luggage, valises, planners, eye masks, phone cases, over-sized shades and a luxuriating cashmere shawl carried by beautiful people residing in isolated hotel rooms.

Hotel rooms are intriguing. Hotels rooms have a character of their own.  They have millions of people enter and leave them.  The room does not take the personality of the resident; in fact the resident adjusts to the personality of the room.

People enter the hotel room with baggage. They enter not just with physical baggage, but also emotional baggage.  How many of us have felt a sense of isolation, excitement, fear, trepidation in a hotel room in a new city when traveling alone.  The hotel room accommodates our emotions and keeps them inside locked doors, resident after resident.

Most hotel rooms boast similar characteristics, whether a $100 or $700 room.  There is a common theme running through them.  The commonality of a hotel room, city after city provides comfort and a sense of familiarity for a resident on the road.

A traveler will come across a well-placed expensive orchid plant or an obligatory palm tree that can survive without much light, love or water depending on the room tariff.  There will be either luxurious fifteen hundred thread count sheets or less.  In the bathroom closet and if there is none then behind the door, there will be hanging two thick and plush extra-white robes with gold emblems embroidered on the pockets or thin yellowing robes, again depending upon how much was charged on your American Express card.  There are peep holes, blinds, and half eaten plates from last night’s room service.  All of the above will be consistent in a hotel room; only the residents will change.

Bottega Veneta expertly weaves a story of hotel rooms with its finely woven luxe leather products. A story of two beautiful people with baggage-Bottega Veneta baggage and emotional baggage.  There is anticipation, there is trepidation and there is angst.  The hotel room absorbs it all and provides a few minutes of respite to the weary to unwind, reflect and luxuriate in their Bottega Veneta luxuries.